Answers you may want to know:
I want to buy in SnowSakura. Do I need to become a member first?
SnowSakura has no member system and so, you do not need to be a member to buy. If you want to buy in SnowSakura, what you need is:
1. A valid email address (for receiving invoice) and
2. A valid PayPal account (for payment and delivery)
Please make sure you have an accurate delivery address for delivery in your PayPal account.
What kind of payment do SnowSakura accept?
SnowSakura accepts only payment from PayPal.
What kind of delivery service do SnowSakura use?
SnowSakura uses Hong Kong Post to send out stocks to customers. We will specially use e-Express service. e-Express is an airmail service which is low in charge but with acceptable speed.
Can I know the delivery charge before I decide to buy in SnowSakura?
Certainly! Please make use of the shopping cart to do so.It is completely free of charge before you finally decide to checkout. The shopping cart will show you the delivery charge information afte you enter the destination country.

SnowSakura: Safe and Secure